Happy New Year…2020 is in full swing! It is January.

With the holidays behind us – and all the focus that the holidays take…we end the year looking back (and marveling at how quickly it goes) and setting our sights on what the new year has to offer – and how to take control.

At the beginning of each year, try selecting a quote that will serve as a guidepost to serve you through the year and then paste it in visible places – desktop, screensaver, bathroom mirror. My quote for the year? “The bad news is that time flies, the good news – your’re the pilot.”

Everywhere I go, I find that people marvel at how quickly time flies. Being in charge of the pace of how you spend your time, rather than feeling like your time is running you makes all the difference. This is what can help you start off your year under more of your control.

What speaks to you?

After choosing your quote for the year, try a little goal-setting.

Research shows a tight connection between setting goals and achieving results – especially when it comes to employee performance. Areas to develop vary widely, but areas to focus on are achieving results, time management, skill development, and continuous improvement.

Setting up what you want to accomplish in a given year can be really motivating. Think about setting goals for the year in three major buckets:

  • Personal
  • Career/Work
  • Family

And for each category take time to understand the things you want to accomplish, the habits that you want to develop to achieve your goals, and carving out real and consistent time to develop those things that are important to you.

For your Career/Work category think about what larger organizational goals that have been put out there and translate these goals into your work. Clarify what these mean for you and your team, your peers and most important of all, your superior. This starts a conversation that keeps going through the year as events and outcomes ebb and flow around goals.

Coordination with others is important – you can go faster alone, but further with others.

What do you want to accomplish this year?

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