Who We Are


Humanyen unlocks the inner motivations of a workforce to open the door to success.



Humanyen is sought after for its ability to internalize effective solutions into our client organizations.


How Does Humanyen Work?

A company is a group of people working together for a common goal.  An effective organization motivates its people to share these goals in order to win. The challenge is to develop the human side of enterprise.

Humanyen analyzes and evaluates the needs of a corporation from six critical focus points.  In doing so, the parts of the organization that need attention are discovered.  Using the goals of upper-level management as a guide, the tools of Humanyen are applied to the parts of the organization most in need of service.

The goal is to develop a relationship that will facilitate an organization’s efforts to make better informed decisions for its future.  Enabling an organization to better understand individual and group dynamics as well as one that provides an arena for more effective decision-making and goal-planning.

Humanyen provides the structure and guidance for individual and group development.

Our Leader

Dr. Angela Huntsman is trained as a clinical psychologist as well as an industrial/organizational psychologist.  The combination of these two bodies of knowledge and practice bring a special distinction to Angela’s work, research, and teaching.

Angela’s clinical training brings in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of human motivation and emotion at the individual and small group level. Highly skilled at developing and eliciting change practices at close range with individuals and small groups allows Angela to capture and magnify – that organizations can only change one person at a time, and this is where her expertise working with the top three tiers of management is so impactful.

Another benefit of being a clinical psychologist is that Angela has the ability to apply the highest level of cognitive assessment tools in her in-depth executive selection and developmental assessments, providing the kind of data that other non-clinical psychologist can only guess at. Angela understands that to change one person’s mind at the top is to unlock the ability to change the organization elsewhere.

Angela’s specialty in I/O Psychology focuses more on the group and social psychology aspects of large group behavior and how important it is to unlock and elicit the inner motivations of employees to reach strong performance and results.  Dr. Huntsman believes that to do work in an organization without engaging top management is to waste valuable development budgets.  Teaching and developing people in organizations where there is no buy in from top management is to frustrate employees deeper in the organization when they start to see the gap in what they are learning through training and development and what their leaders really espouse – when there is a gap there is disengagement.

Angela believes that training without this alignment in place is both a waste of money, but also a loss of employee engagement. This is where organizational development and training efforts can backfire and why having a background in both Clinical and I/O Psychology brings about sustainable development and culture change. Dr. Huntsman orchestrates organizational development as a methodical, organic and not in-your-face programming.   She works swiftly and effectively to travel down through the organization at a pace where people at all levels can process the change for sustainability, true understanding and personal choice.  The change stays long after Dr. Huntsman has finished her work.  Dr. Huntsman enacts the kind of organizational development that brings out the best in the human spirit and at the same time distill what it is an organization is trying to achieve.

Dr. Huntsman has built her life’s work around triad mode of practice, research, and teaching, believing that staying active in each area continues to inform and develop the practitioner, bringing  renewal and cutting edge ideas.


Industries We've Worked With

Corporate and Government Practice. 

Dr. Huntsman’s practice has been focused on both business and government (please see client list below). Working internationally as the principal of her own consulting firm, HuntsmanHouse, Angela has directed, designed and delivered state and federal grants in health, aging and justice systems in Australian government. Much of her work has been within healthcare, working closely with doctors and administrators to define and deliver the kinds of medical, psychological and community services that are evidence-based and effective.

Developing medical and administrative teams of people who can engage in such challenging dialogue effectively has also been a significant part of her success in the healthcare, community, and aging industry. With her business clients Angela offers expansive perspective starting with the individual – through assessment and development – and moves out to the larger areas of the organization through team, culture, and engagement survey assessments to the more important facet of delivering thoughtful and transparent post-assessment processes to engage groups in order to bring about the kind of change that can brings out the best for a business.

Angela believes that culture change is not a mysterious process and that in the hands of an expert culture change can easily be explained and understood allowing for the work to get underway.  If leaders involved in a company culture change process cannot sufficiently explain culture change process at each step of the way then they have not been sufficiently briefed or there may not be an evidence-based culture change process in place.  Angela believes that all OD work is about culture change – it is a matter of how widespread the culture change processes taking place are.