A year and a half ago, I asked Angela to take my entire executive team of both functional leaders, and GMs, through her proprietary Executive Development Assessment.  I have found the process extremely useful on two fronts; It created ongoing coaching sessions for them with Angela, and an open forum with me to have positive, frank conversations, about my team’s development needs.

What I had not expected out of this process was the candor that unfolded in follow-up meetings that Angela runs with me and each of my direct reports individually.  We read over their report and then we have conversation about how a given executive’s style interfaces with the business directly.  It “opened the door” to build better feedback/coaching connections with my people.

In this past year and a half, I have seen my team become more open about their development needs to become better. It has motivated them to work hard against these goals. I find this valuable as a leader, as it has been a helpful input into building the team’s capabilities, and working towards getting more leverage for myself and our business.

It is clear that Angela possesses a host of tools and experiences that she brings to bear in both coaching my team, and myself.

Above all else – and this is most important – is Angela’s incredible trustworthiness.  My team has confidence in her confidentiality, and this creates a safety net for them in their conversations with her. This then gives her knowledge, that enables us together to plot out organization plans and changes to build the sustainability of the business.   Above all, I trust her.

This place is far different than when she came in and I credit much of this change to her work with the various groups and companies.