I have been managing construction projects for 28 years and no one has provided as many development opportunities to my 75 people as Angela has in the past five years.

My team works on diverse projects, yet Angela knows how to bring them all together in large format meeting. She can run a two-day meeting and make it look easy and fun.

Angela has taken my entire executive team through her Executive Development Assessment process; this is a foundation that is great to have. I have confirmed what I already knew about my team but with a deeper understanding, along with learning how to relate to each of them differently. From this assessment, my team has grown in how they look at their own direct reports and understanding what their team responsibilities really are.

Angela has also run a climate survey for me two years in a row. This year’s survey was even better than last year’s survey. Angela is always looking for new and better methods to do things. I think this is what keeps things fresh and engaging for me and my people. Just as we progress our work within Capital Projects, Angela advances the offerings in Organizational Development.

Angela has run my annual Senior Leadership Offsite for four years and has helped me to turn my all-department Holiday dinner into a full-fledged two-day offsite where we look at our climate survey results and start to dig into action plans.

Angela’s offsites are especially helpful because she is always looking for a way to bring what we have talked about and learned at the offsite into our everyday work.