Angela Huntsman has been a part of this organization since I first met her when I was a candidate going through her Executive Candidate Assessment. I have been with the Wonderful organization for 16 years and worked closely with her throughout.

I lead a large sales organization and Angela has provided many different services as our Organizational Psychologist. She has become an integral part of my team. Her contributions include:

  1. Executive Leadership Assessments – I asked Angela to take my whole executive team through this development process. This included Directors into Vice Presidents. As this unfolded, Angela became a trusted coach and guide when they have needed support and ideas along their way. The process has given me good perspective on knowing my people better as she helped to be more effective with each.
  2. 360’s – As part of the next stage of development Angela developed a customized 360 for us. Focused on our most important sales attributes, this 360 assessment tool gave great insight into what others were experiencing with my team. It also helped me learn more about where my people needed more development and support.
  3. National Sales Meeting Presenter – Angela presents a segment every year at our annual sales meeting. Over 300 associates are in attendance. Her presentation skills are top notch – they are more like TED talks – and inspiring because of it. Angela is engaging, motivating and always takes care to understand ahead of time what topics and interests are most important to present to the group. Every year people give us feedback that they want Angela to present again and for longer.
  4. Women’s Initiative – A few years ago I wanted to start up a women’s initiative. I turned to one of my VP’s and Angela. Together they have created what has turned out to be an enduring program internally that brings women in Wonderful Sales together to discuss and engage meaningful, culture building topics and conversations. The group sees Angela as a very integral part of their identity. From an initial survey, analysis and feedback through to the working sessions, the variety of support that has been generated is top notch. They trust her and reach out to her regularly.
  5. Post-engagement survey meeting design – Angela has helped me design a way to engage my organization around how to align different parts of my team together based on the feedback we received. It has been a powerful way to get meaning and traction on all the feedback that comes out of these kinds of surveys.

I have always taken as much time as Angela has had to give my Sales group. She has also been very helpful when I have had turning point issues within my organization. She is always there to help.