In 2006 at the University of the Sunshine Coast, a colleague contacted me to say there was someone I absolutely had to meet. That someone was Dr. Angela Huntsman, and I have had the fortune of an enriching professional relationship with her in the years since.

Angela understands people and culture in deeply insightful and robustly evidence-driven ways. On countless occasions, she has provided me with a listening ear and strategic advice on a range of organisational and personal challenges. Perhaps because Angela herself is so incredibly accomplished, she has a way of lifting up those around her to be accomplished also. Comfort zones are not Angela’s natural habitat, and I have on many occasions benefited greatly from her willingness and skill in pushing me – gently yet firmly – to step beyond my familiar and well-worn paths to take a more courageous and professionally expansive option than I might have done on my own.

Angela is an incredible facilitator who draws on toolboxes of strategies and processes – all informed by research evidence and her own decades of experience. It is impossible to have even the briefest conversation with Angela and not come away with a richer, more nuanced understandings. Anyone with the opportunity to work with Angela should grasp the opportunity with both hands, it is likely to be one of the best organisational development decisions you ever make.

– Tilly Hinton, Principal, Abound Consulting