In the almost five years I have been with the company, I have worked with Angela as I have developed my team from a non-existing department to now a group of 15 people. She has been there to help me with the usual growing pains of a newly minted department.

Angela has been there to discuss plans and strategy – she is a good person to bounce things off of. She hears what I have to say and brings ideas that give me a new way of looking at things. Sometimes it is lonely at the top – and Angela is there to trust and share with.

She has been a part of every one of our annual off-sites. She works with me ahead of time taking great care to look at I want to and need to accomplish at our offsite, making suggestions that are helpful. She develops models and materials that are new and unique.

These off-sites are not only fun and games. Over the course of our off-sites and quarterly meetings we have developed our mission, vision and values statements, gone through structured goal-setting, rolled out climate surveys and follow-up actions plans. Mixed in these structured sessions have been the fun activities that highlight and teach more about the overall topics at hand. These segments always build together with the overall theme of the offsite.

Angela’s off-sites are always refreshing and new – never does she recycle information that isn’t relevant to the group. She helps us to engage in meaningful dialogue so we can align on the things that are most important to the success of our work.

She is good with my people. She works well with different types of people and I can send folks that need some perspective to her and she provides the needed support.

Angela is always very busy as many people want her services – she is a true resource to have.