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Selecting, training, and developing your people has always been a proven competitive advantage. 

When people aren’t growing or when they are disconnected, it has a significant impact on business. 

At Humanyen we engage people at all levels, energizing them for business success.

Developing your employees builds the effectiveness of your business and culture.

Humanyen unlocks the inner motivation of your people.

Energize your people

for business success

Grow Your People, to Grow Your Business


The challenge is to develop the human side of enterprise. An effective organization motivates its people to share common goals in order to win. 

Humanyen analyzes and evaluates the needs of a business using our proven SixLens™ model.  In doing so, the parts of the organization that need attention are discovered.  Using the goals of upper-level management as a guide, the tools of Humanyen are applied to the parts of the organization most in need.

The goal is to develop people and relationships to facilitate an organization’s efforts to make better informed decisions for its future.  Enabling an organization to better understand individual and group dynamics provides an arena for more effective decision-making and goal-planning.

Our Services


Coaching & Candidate Selection

Coaching builds leadership competencies to support and motivate the effectiveness of individuals and teams. 

Candidate Selection  Evaluate your future candidates to help you make the right hire for your organization.

Training & Development

Build employee and organizational skills 

  • MBTI / DISC 
  • 360° Feedback 
  • Climate / Engagement Surveys 
  • Front Line & Emerging Leadership Training
  • Mid-Senior Leadership Training 
  • Customizable Programs

Team Building & Meeting Facilitation

Team Building brings lessons learned to life as well as specialized learning opportunities. 

Meeting Facilitation runs from ‘Getting to know you’ all the way through to strategic planning. Always custom made, never off the shelf. 

Organizations We Have Served


Humanyen has a proven track record of working with organizations, small and large, ranging from consumer packaged goods, technology, agriculture, as well as across government and education. Our deep understanding of what motivates people allows us to function effectively in any work environment. Here are some of the organizations we have worked with…

anu canberra
Australian Government
Bank of America
California Ortho
Edison Capital
FIJI Water
Gryphon Investors
Hunt Wesson
Justin Vineyards
Landmark Wines
Orville Redenbacher
Panasonic Avionics
Queensland Department of Health and Ageing
Shappell Industries
Swiss Miss
Tasmania State Government
The Franklin Mint
UCLA Anderson School of Management
UCLA Medical School
University of Sunshine
Urban West
Vintage Nurseries
Wesson Oil
Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds

What Clients Think About Our Work


I have known Angela for over 15 years in her capacity as a consulting psychologist at Hunt-Wesson/ConAgra Foods. She was a true asset to the organization and to me personally by providing insightful input regarding individual contributions and the organization as a whole. I recommend her to any organization that needs the organizational talents she provides.

Mike Mindiak, Director, Acosta Sales & Marketing
Director, Acosta Sales & Marketing

In the almost five years I have been with the company, I have worked with Angela as I have developed my team from a non-existing department to now a group of 15 people. She has been there to help me with the usual growing pains of a newly minted department… read more

Tony Shelton, Vice President, the Wonderful Company
Vice-President, Environmental Health and Safety at the Wonderful Company

It is clear that Angela possesses a host of tools and experiences that she brings to bear in both coaching my team, and myself.

Above all else – and this is most important – is Angela’s incredible trustworthiness. My team has confidence in her confidentiality, and this creates a safety net for them in their conversations with her. This then gives her knowledge, that enables us together to plot out organization plans and changes to build the sustainability of the business. Above all, I trust her… read more

David Ricanati, President, FIJI Water & Wine
President, FIJI/Justin/Landmark/Vintage/Neptune

I have known Angela Huntsman for over 20 years. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in her field, complimented by her proven methods, result in truly remarkable and actionable insights into organizations, business processes and outcomes. Any chance to work with Angela is highly recommended.

David Kurrasch, Co-Founder, The Monkey Hook
Co-Founder & Managing Member, The Monkey Hook LLC; Co-Founder & Managing Member, K-CO Products, LLC

In 2006 at the University of the Sunshine Coast, a colleague contacted me to say there was someone I absolutely had to meet. That someone was Dr. Angela Huntsman, and I have had the fortune of an enriching professional relationship with her in the years since… read more

Tilly Hinton, Principal, Abound Consulting
Tilly Hinton, Principal, Abound Consulting

Angela successfully developed and led a team building seminar for the entire finance organization at ConAgra’s consumer products division in Southern California. She was instrumental in bringing together an organization supporting multiple divisions, opening lines of communication and forming relationships to drive a more effective organization.

Wende Oliverio, Vice President, ConAgra
Vice President Finance & IT, ConAgra

As the owner of College Ready, I reached out to Dr. Huntsman with a concern for our students dealing with the stay home order due to COVID-19. As I met with students and their families I was noticing a lot of anxiety and sadness. I wanted to help our students change their mindset from stuck at home to “gift of time.” Dr. Huntsman agreed to let me interview her on a webinar. Not only was she knowledgeable but she was personable and understanding of how the students were feeling. She gave the students action steps they could do right now and empowered them to stay focused on what they can do. I highly recommend Dr. Huntsman.

Shellee Howard, CEO
CEO of College Ready

I have been managing construction projects for 28 years and no one has provided as many development opportunities to my 75 people as Angela has in the five years she has been with the company… read more

Eric Johnson, Vice President, the Wonderful Company
Vice President, The Wonderful Company

Angela Huntsman has been a part of this organization since I first met her when I was a candidate going through her Executive Candidate Assessment. I have been with the Wonderful organization for 16 years and worked closely with her throughout.

I lead a large sales organization and Angela has provided many different services as our Organizational Psychologist. She has become an integral part of my team… read more

Kurt Vetter, President, Wonderful Sales
President, Wonderful Sales

I had the pleasure of working with Angela when she was hired by IGT to work with leaders in the organization to maximize their strengths and leverage them in their work environment. In my case, Angela worked with me on a 360 Feedback Assessment Tool. I found her to be engaging, personable, and very easy to work with. She made the process feel completely non-threatening, and gladly answered any questions I had along the way.

Kevin Ciccotti, CPCC, PCC
Certified Coach/Keynote Speaker/Trainer

Angela Huntsman is a first rate Organizational Psychologist. She is skilled at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your current or prospective team members relative to the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

Michael Weinman, COO, Infinilux
Chief Operating Officer at Infinilux

Give leaders the tools they need to guide others

Angela Huntsman, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant

Angela is a consulting clinical psychologist with expertise in the practice and research of human motivation and communication. Angela is also an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in private sector, government and academia – in-house and externally. Skilled in Executive and Team Engagement, Development, Business Planning, Program Design and Delivery, and Change Management across a variety of industries, Angela has a proven track record of innovating solutions and avenues to unlock what organizations want their people to achieve. Highly collaborative and engaging, she brings about alignment where there is resistance and divide. Along with a deep understanding of individual and group dynamics that opens people to change in organizations, she is an effective leader of multi-discplinary teams across the dividing lines that separate people.

Across any sector and from any vantage point, Angela designs, builds, coordinates and develops teams that achieve business success.

As Head of Organizational Development in a $4 bn company for 5 years, Angela created organizational development engagements with impact across the enterprise. In her role, Angela maximizes development budgets, reduces costs, and increases impact.

Angela has also had a journey into the ‘real’ Toyota Way, understanding what stymies companies who struggle with stalled Lean/Change programs and how to reinvigorate an organization’s investment of time and money in Lean/Change processes.

Angela brings stability, authenticity and clarity to situations that are not. By designing and facilitating guided problem-solving conversations, processes, and when needed, research, Angela helps organizations align internally to help them make informed decisions